Build A Better Business

A chemical engineer, electrical engineer, and a Microsoft engineer are on a road trip. The car breaks down.

The electrical engineer looks under the hood and can’t find anything wrong.

The chemical engineer checks the oil and fuel and can’t find anything wrong.

The Microsoft engineer says, “Close all the windows, and try again.”

Build A Better Business

On Monday, July 3rd, we’ll kick off Build A Better Business , a Summer School Series of podcasts produced by Sue Monhait. (You can access the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Play and at

Sue’s the owner of The Ribbon Print Company, a gold-standard business offering custom ribbon printing systems so businesses can provide product personalization right in their store or craft studio. She’s been identified as an industry leader and trendsetter.

The mission of Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance Ltd. has always been to serve those who have no company providing their health, life, long-term care, disability insurance and retirement plans.

We’re proud to work with others, like Sue, who support our entrepreneurial clients. Here’s a heads up on the valuable information she’s providing.

SUMMER SCHOOL SERIES – Build a Better Business

This is a special 5-Part series on the Gift Biz Unwrapped podcast. The series focuses on areas commonly skipped over in favor of the more glamorous parts of building and growing your business.

Every Monday in July Sue Monhait interviews experts who clarify and provide actionable steps on the topic at hand

Here’s the lineup for the Summer School Series –

July 3 – Life Insurance – Rebecca Bloomfield of Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance discusses how life insurance can play an important role for your business today … not years from now.

July 10 – Nicole Walters of Nicole Walters TV. She is an income strategist and shares how she built her 7-figure business in 18 months.

July 17 – Goran Donev of Safe Haven IT talks about the risks of every business online today and how to protect yourself from these threats.

July 24 – Small Business Loans – Katie Wiswald of Highland Park Bank and Trust explains how to know if you should apply for a loan and what to expect through the process.

July 31 – Copyrights & Trademarks – Todd Timmerman of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick covers the difference between the two and what you really need to protect your brand.

Over and above the Summer School Series, the Gift Biz Unwrapped podcast provides information weekly for small business owners. Find out how others have started their business and what is working for them today. It’s Sue’s goal that you find a piece of advice, a promotional strategy or a new tool that can incorporated into you biz throughout the week. Just in time for the new episode the following Monday!

Thanks, Sue!