Who Should Act During Medicare Open Enrollment

Who Should Act During Medicare Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for Medicare (the national health plan for people 65 years old and over) begins October 15th. It runs to December 7th.

Here are 4 reasons to act during this time.

  1. You've had your 65th birthday, are not insured by a group plan, and haven't signed up for Medicare yet.
  2. You have Medicare, but haven't signed up for Part D (the part that covers prescriptions) yet.
  3. You have Medicare Parts A&B and want to switch to a Medicare Advantage(Part C of Original Medicare) plan.
  4. You have a Medicare Advantage plan and want to change companies. Or you found that Part C is not accepted everywhere for everything and want to drop it for Parts A&B with a Medicare Supplement.

You can change your Medicare Supplement at any time because it is private insurance, not government insurance.

If this sounds confusing (it's the government, right?) call us and let us help.