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“15 for LIFE” is a practical, dependable platform that gives you the benefits of whole Life Insurance + Long-term Care Insurance + Cash growth at a guaranteed rate.

And here’s the kicker: You can choose to pay premiums for just 15 years.

What happens at the end of 15 years when you no longer pay premiums?

  • Your policy stays in force as long as you wish it to with all the features whole life insurance offers.
  • The guaranteed annual dividend continues to be paid to you.
  • The insured death benefit legacy continues to grow.
  • Money available for Long-term Care continues to grow.
  • Money can be taken with no federal taxes, as a loan or withdrawal, with no age penalty.

The younger you start, the lower your premiums are and the younger you are when you stop paying them. (Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles might consider giving a child a “15 for Life” insurance plan as a life-long gift.)

The “15 for Life” Insurance plan follows these 5 Pearlstein Principles.
Never pay premiums that don’t pay you.
Never buy use-it-or-lose-it insurance. Never pay taxes when you don’t have to.
Never run out of money.

And here are two more Pearlstein Principles:
Never live without a financial plan.
Never buy insurance alone.

Call us for a free, no obligation conversation at 847.362.8888.

Let us help you get the protection, world-class savings and financial security of a “15 for Life” insurance plan.

Never pay a term life insurance policy that just ends when the term does, the premiums you have paid continue.

The cash you’ve earned is always available – as a loan or a withdrawal – without penalty and without paying federal taxes.

We all have to make decisions about insurance for protecting our families, leaving a legacy, being taken care of if we’re not able to do it alone, having tax-free money for a long and wonderful life.

Online quotes for life insurance are rarely accurate. There are many variables to make sure you get the best benefits and price. Have the conversation to know if 15 for LIFE is right for you. Call us at 847.362.8888.

We’ll work with you using Pearlstein Principle #1: Never Run Out of Money.


What Clients Say

Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance, Ltd.
From day one they made me feel as if I was getting service as a family member would, always there, happy to hear from me and always follow up to make sure I was satisfied!
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