A Mother’s Day Promise to My Daughter

At the movie theater, a young man returning to his seat taps the arm of a woman in the first seat in the row.

“Excuse me,” he says, “but did I step on your toe on the way out?”

“As a matter of fact, you did,” says the woman, expecting an apology.

“Oh good,” says the man, “then this is my row.”

A Mother’s Day Promise to My Daughter

I am blessed to still have my mother. She’ll be 98 in June.

Her mother lived to 96. Her grandmother (my great grandmother) lived to 94. They lived with a daughter or granddaughter to the end of their lives. Now, my mom lives with me.

You see, while she has Medicare and my dad thought he was leaving his wife “well-fixed”, it hasn’t come near to providing the care she’s needed since she turned 95 when she developed disequilibrium and is always in danger of falling.

I didn’t learn about her lack of l-tc until Mom was 80. Too late to get long-term care insurance. (35-55 is the best time.)

So, I made a promise to my daughter she’d never have to spend the money (over $60,000 annually for help in our home) to take care of me.

I urge you to make such a promise.

Here’s what you can do to keep it.

  • Don’t wait. Even if you’re just starting out with life insurance, learn how it works for long-term care. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars getting adaptable plans now.
  • Learn what long-term care is and who pays for what. https://www.jpearlsteinltd.com/blog/long-term-care/
  • Get long-term care insurance in a form that is not use-it-or lose it. There are life insurance plans that give you access to up to 90% of your death benefit if you need long-term care AND if you don’t, the earnings of the policy and its legacy are available in full.
  • Get long-term care insurance that gives you (not the provider) the money so you can pay for the care you want and need.

If I need long-term care, I’m probably going to have my own robot companion and telemedic clothing and lots of fun stuff I can’t even imagine right now. (If we’ve met networking you know I’m all about fun….even when dealing with life and long-term care insurance.)

I love working with Moms: married, single, the aunts whose nieces and nephews wish they were their moms.

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