What?! Life Insurance for Valentine’s Day?!

A little boy asks ‘Daddy, how was I born?’

The father searches for an answer appropriate to his son’s age and the world he knows. ‘Well, son, he begins, “Your mom and I first got together in a chat room. Then we decided to meet at a cyber-café. It was so good we decided to google each other.

Your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. I was ready to upload, when we realized neither one of us had used a firewall. It was too late to hit the delete button, so nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared. It said…’You’ve got male’.”

What?! Life Insurance for Valentine’s Day?!

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. So is Whole Life insurance. (link to 15 for Life on website)

Unlike Term Life Insurance that pays only if you die,
 Whole Life insurance earns a guaranteed dividend. That’s tax-free, no-age-penalty money to do what you love now.
 Whole Life insurance can include benefits to provide long term care later and ease the burden on you and those who love you.
 Whole Life insurance gives your loved ones protection and a rich legacy if you die.

We’d love to show you your insurance options whether you’re a single person planning your future, married and starting your family, or have a Term Life insurance policy that’s ending.(link to website)

You’ll be happy every Valentine’s Day that you gave yourself…and your loved ones… the gift of Whole Life insurance.