Alert: Deadline Dec 7 for Medicare Changes

You have until Friday to

Change your Medicare Advantage plan

Change to a Medicare Supplement***

Change your Part D Prescription plan

Sign up for Medicare after your 65th birthday

Call now for information on how to make these changes. 847.362.8888. The call is free. No obligation.

***You can change from one Medicare Supplement to another Supplement at any time.




Alert: Lower Cost Health Insurance for 2019

The penalty for not having a Qualified Health Plan that complies with the Affordable Care Act will be removed at the end of 2018.

With no penalty in 2019, we now have options for lower priced plans.


These non-ACA plans are less costly. They may offer wider coverage.

Click here for more health insurance information.


Call us to discuss your new options for 2019. 847.362.8888.



Alert: Open Enrollment Begins Today

Open Enrollment for 2019 Affordable Care Act Individual and Family Health Insurance begins today.

  • Has your plan been discontinued?
  • Are you looking for better options?
  • Are you eligible for premium assistance or cost sharing?
  • Can you benefit from small group health insurance?

You have from today until December 15th to enroll for 2019.

Winner of the Elite service award, Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance Ltd. offers free help. 847.362.8888.

Caution: Whether online or by phone, the government continues to misinform about what plan covers what care in our area. These mistakes are difficult to undo. Please call 847.362.8888 for free help.



Alert: Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15, 2018

From the Medicare Resource Center:

For 2019 coverage, open enrollment will run from October 15, 2018, to December 7, 2018. During the annual enrollment period (AEP) you can make changes to various aspects of your coverage including switching from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare and changing Part D Prescription plans.


If any part of your Medicare program isn’t working for you, call us: 847.362.8888



Alert: Health Insurance Marketplace Prepares to “Redetermine” 2019 Insurance – How Does That Affect Me?


Notices are going out to people who bought their 2018 health insurance through The Marketplace determines whether you can continue with your same plan in 2019. It may automatically re-enroll you or “migrate” you to another plan.

If you received premium assistance and cost sharing, you must reapply with 2019 income information.

Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance, Ltd.  is accredited to take care of you through this process. As recipients of the 2018 Elite Certificate of Recognition, we will make sure you get the plan and premium you, not the government, choose as best for you.

You must act between November 1 and December 15, 2018. Call now before the government acts on your behalf: 847.362.8888.


Alert: How to Get the Best Health Insurance in 2019

Insurance providers are promoting talking to an agent as the best way to find the best plan and price for 2019.

We’re coming to you.

10/3 Noon-1pm Northbrook Chamber office “New Options in Health Insurance” 2002 Walters Ave. , Northbrook, Brown Bag Lunch

10/4 5:15-6:15pm Skokie Library “New Options in Health Insurance” Business Center 5215 W. Oakton, Skokie.

10/9 CHILLOUT CABLE TV with Pamela Chill. “New Options is Health Insurance” airs Highland Park, Highwood, Winnetka and YouTube.

10/11 Noon-1pm LifeWorking Coworking Lake Forest. “New Options in Health Insurance” Brown Bag Lunch Series 272 Forest, Lake Forest

All programs are FREE. Or call us: 847-362-8888.


Alert: Look at Our New Website. Ready for Open Enrollment. Lots of Information.

Look at Our New Website. Ready for Open Enrollment. Lots of Information.

Note: After four years’ experience, we’re not offering an application through the site. Too many client and system errors that are too hard to undo. Just ask for a quote or call us and we’ll get it done right. 847-362-8888.

More Health Insurance News here.


Alert: We’re accredited!

We’re accredited! Preparation for Open Enrollment has begun. Again, Jerry Pearlstein Insurance received federal accreditation to provide ACA health insurance Off and On Exchange including premium assistance and cost sharing.

Watch for these Alerts and call us as you prepare for 2019. 847-362-8888.

Alert: New Medicare Cards. New Scams.

New Medicare Cards. New Scams.

Seniors beware.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) began sending new cards to Medicare recipients in April. That’s when telephone phishing scams and social media scams started being reported.

  • SCAM: People claiming to be from the Social Security Administration or CMS want your information “to make sure you have the right card”.
  • SCAM: You are asked for money to obtain a “temporary card” until you get your new one from CMS.
  • SCAM: You are told your Medicare benefits will be cancelled if you don’t cooperate.

CMS says Medicare will never call you uninvited. They will not ask you for personal information over the phone. They will not ask you for money.

If someone asks you for your information or for money or threatens to cancel your health insurance benefits, HANG UP!

Report the call to CMS by called 1-800-MEDICARE (633-4227).