How do I get ready for Open Enrollment?

A guy dressed as a lumberjack shows up at a logging camp and says to the boss, “I’m the best lumberjack in the world and I want to work for you.”

The boss is skeptical of this bold claim so he says, “Okay, we’re cutting that section. Show me what you can do.”

The guy puts on his goggles and his gloves, picks up his ax and sets to work. Soon the air is filled with chips and the cries of “Timber!” and in minutes the stand is down.

The boss is shocked. “How did you learn to chop down trees like that?” he asks.

“In the Sahara.” The guy answers.

“You mean the Sahara desert?”

“Well,” says the guy “That’s what they call it now.”


Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15-December 7.

ACA Open Enrollment is November 1-December 15.

Small Group Special Enrollment is November 15-December 15.


If you’re under 65 and have ACA (Obamacare) health insurance now, you should ask:

  • Will my current plan just continue or must I reapply?
  • When can I change my plan?
  • Will premiums and providers remain the same in 2019?
  • Are there any alternatives?

If you get premium assistance and cost sharing from the government, you should ask:

  • Do I need to submit income verification for 2018? Where? When? How?
  • Do I need to reapply for my assistance and my plan?

If you are on COBRA you might ask:

  • What are my private insurance options?
  • Am I eligible for any assistance if I haven’t landed a job with benefits yet?

If you are over 65 you should ask:

  • I never signed up for Medicare Part B or Part D. When can I do that? How?
  • When can I change my Medicare Advantage plan? How?
  • When can I change my Part D plan? How?
  • When can I change my Medicare Supplement? How?

If you are a solo entrepreneur or have a small business, ask about group opportunities that may give you greater access and stability.

The time to get answers to these questions is now.  Don’t wait until Open Enrollment begins and the government and insurers take actions that are difficult to undo. Jerry S. Pearlstein Insurance is fully accredited by the state and federal governments to help you.


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