Your Health insurance Coverage Depends on This Number

The people in the doctor’s waiting room watched with sympathy as an elderly lady, completely bent in half over her cane, shuffled from the door into the examining area.

Amazingly, half an hour later she emerged walking spritely, erect and with her head held high.

“It’s a miracle!” exclaimed one of the patients who’d been waiting. “She was bent over and now she’s walking upright!  The doctor has performed a miracle!”

“Miracle, shmiracle” said the old lady. “He gave me a taller cane.”


Your health insurance coverage depends on this number.

The Marketplace (Exchange) does not assign HMOs properly. Check your card.

The majority of health insurance plans offered by Ambetter, Cigna and Blue Cross are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). (link to How the ACA has changed health insurance) Each HMO has a Medical Group or Site Number that must appear on your insurance card so you can get the insurance benefits you signed up for,

For instance, the medical group number for Blue Cross Blue Precision HMO for use in the Northshore University Health System may be 447 or 284.

BUT doesn’t understand this. If you bought an HMO health insurance plan through them online or by phone, they never asked you for the Medical Group or Site Number of your HMO. They assign them willy-nillly.

You must call the Customer Service number on your new insurance card. Tell them what doctor/hospital you are using. They can look up the doctor’s HMO affiliation and  send  you a card with that number.

Do it at your earliest convenience. Your coverage depends on it.

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