The Gift You’ll Want to be Remembered For

Zeke and his wife Ella lived in a such a small town, he was both a veterinarian and the town’s sheriff.

One night the phone rings and Ella answers.
“Oh, Ella,” says a frazzled voice. “I need Zeke. I need him right away.”
“Well,” asks Ella. “Do you need Zeke, the vet or Zeke, the sheriff?”
“Why both! I can’t get our dog’s mouth open. There’s a burglar in it!”


The Gift You’ll Want to be Remembered For

Naida (a real client, not her real name), has worked hard all her life. She raised three kids as a single Mom and put them all through college.

She just bought a whole life insurance policy for her six-year-old granddaughter.  More info on 15 for Life here.

She bought it as a savings/growth investment. This whole life insurance policy will earn a dividend (currently guaranteed at 4% but paying over 8%) for her granddaughter’s whole life.

Naida owns the policy now. The premiums are affordable for this grandmother.   And she needs to pay the premium for only 15 years. After that the dividends and benefits will continue even if no one is paying the premium. Earnings can be borrowed or taken without paying federal taxes or meeting age requirements.

Naida says she is so happy to be giving a gift that can impact her granddaughter’s whole life by helping with college or graduate school or a home or the fulfillment of dreams not even dreamed yet. And she hopes this child she loves will remember her at those times.

Wouldn’t you want to be remembered for a gift like this?

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