This May Be the Answer to Aging and Living Well

An Irishman lived with his son who was always getting into trouble. In fact, the young man was in jail for bank robbery and was refusing to say where the money was stashed.

The father wrote to his son, "Tell them where you hid the money, son. It's time to plant my potatoes and I need you here to turn the field."

The son wrote back, "I swore never to tell, Da. But take care when you plant."

The next day trucks of government men arrived with shovels, spades, hoes. They dug through the father's field not once, but twice. But no money was found.

The father wrote immediately, "Stop the blarney! No money here and you're still in jail there."

"Ah!", replied the son. "But I bet that field's just ready to be planted."

This May Be the Answer to Aging and Living Well

Just as growing up goes through stages, growing older does too. What will you want in your long and wonderful retirement years? What will you need? Will you have to move around to get it? Jan Steiner, Senior Transitions Concierge, may have just the answer.

Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRC'S) are communities that offer the entire range of senior living options all in one location. You can progress from independent living all the way to skilled nursing.

Living Accommodations:

  • Independent Living – your own villa or apartment with a kitchen
    • Dining services are provided, you choose the plan best for you
    • Housekeeping available
    • Other services available for additional fees
  • Assisted Living – Aid in Activities of Daily Life (ADL) such as dressing, showering, toileting, and medication reminders.
    • The necessary services are provided daily along with 3 meals, laundry, linen, housekeeping, security and emergency response system.
    • Residents remain in Assisted Living as long as they do not require 2 people to assist in ADL and are not a wander risk
  • Memory Care – This is provided for those with cognitive issues needing a safer, secure environment.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility – This provides nursing assistance around the clock, handling a variety of medical issues
    • Short term – Rehab
    • Long term

CCRC'S offer Life Contracts allowing you to live there forever, however, they require significant financial data to prove you can afford to live there throughout your life.

For more information about them, contact Jan Steiner 847-340-7073,

For how to pay for a wonderful life in a CCRC, call us: 847-362-8888.