What Will Your Health Insurance Look Like in 2019?

A new minister is called at the last minute to do the funeral rites of a homeless man. He follows directions to what he thinks is the poverty section of the cemetery. There’s no hearse or mourners, but this was a homeless guy. He does see the backhoe and the crew and the big hole, so he begins a service.

As he says the prayers, his heart is opened to the idea of being homeless and friendless and he pours his heart out to show the deceased some love. The crew is moved, too. They began to add “Amen” and “Praise the Lord” and “Hallelujah.”

When the young preacher finishes, one of the workers shakes his hand and says, “I ain’t never seen anything like that before, Preacher. And I been digging septic tanks for 20 years.”


What Will Your Health Insurance Look Like in 2019?

Open Enrollment for 2019 health insurance is November 1- December 15. Small Group Special Enrollment is November 15-December 15. Here’s what 2019 looks like for individuals, families and entrepreneurs.

Tax Penalty Removed.

Last November, Congress removed this penalty for not having ACA-compliant health insurance


New options in non-ACA plans.

Providers like Humana and United Health Care will offer indemnity plans that should be available without penalty. These plans are considerably less expensive than ACA. If you are healthy, they are an excellent new option. But you must understand how they work. Ask an expert.


Congress extends Catastrophic Health Insurance coverage periods.

If you are between jobs, between semesters, these are excellent plans at a very low cost. In May, Congress said you could buy one for up to 364 days. But there is a bill on Gov. Rauner’s desk to limit the coverage period to 6 months.

Again, you must understand how catastrophic health insurance works. Ask an expert.


Blue Cross and Cigna file for new premiums.

It is reported that Blue Cross will reduce individual/family health insurance premiums slightly for most plans in 2019.

Cigna will increase premiums 10+%.


Premium Assistance for ACA plans continues.

We’re almost 100% successful in determining if you are eligible and getting you assistance paying premiums and cost-sharing. We’re ready to help again


Group Health Insurance is more attractive

Blue Cross reduced group health insurance premiums in July. We’ve helped establish groups for entrepreneurs and sole practitioners. Check out the Group Special Enrollment Period November 15-December 15. It waives an employer’s obligation to pay any part of the employees’ premium.


Once again, Jerry Pearlstein and Rebecca Bloomfield are fully accredited and licensed nationally and by the state to get the latest and best health insurance for you.

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